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    System includes:


    • Touchscreen easily allows you to enter your car/group number.
    • Instant notifications of local, global and individual flags.
    • Connected track control can see where you are if an incident occurs.
    • Portable the Flagger is completely portable and can easily be used on any vehicle.
    • Powerful GPS, Accelerometers, radio transceiver, incident data logging and much more.
    • Battery lasts up to 8hrs on a single charge. Battery extender or vehicle power available.
    • Service Plan low cost service plan ensures you have the latest updates and reliable hardware.

    Racing Flags

    • Green/Checkered
    • Caution/Waving Caution
    • Double Yellow
    • Passing
    • Debris
    • White
    • Emergency Vehicle
    • Black Flag Warning/Black Flag Pit In
    • Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car
    • Mechanical/Meatball
    • Custom Flags

    Price $250.00

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