Flagger System

Designed to be simple and easy to use for anyone.

System Includes:

  • Powerful Secure Linux Based Server : Operate online or offline. Safe, secure, and reliable
  • Flagger Gateway: Communication throughout the track
  • FlagStations: Easy to use handheld FlagStations for all your corner workers
  • Flagger In-Car Alerts: Direct driver messaging, in-car flags and stop on track notifications
  • Optional Corner Lights: Visual flags for all drivers with remote and local operation

Full Track Control

  • Full Course Flags
  • Independent Control of Local Flags
  • Corner Light Control
  • Incident Management
  • Racing Log with Notes
  • Individual Driver and Group Flags
  • Events and Session Control
  • Assignable Flags
  • Custom Track Tools
  • Full User and Access Control
  • Multi-level security / access control
  • Multiple user access
  • Does NOT require WiFi/Internet access


  • Browser Based application, always up to date.
  • Secure independent hardware that is only connected if you choose.
  • Dedicated hardware robust and simple Linux based auto-run solution.
  • Remote Tablet WiFi Race Control.
  • Portable Race Control system can easily be used at almost any track.
  • Racer Centric built by racers for racers

    Race Control Screens

    Race Control Overview

    Flagger Hardware