Flagger In-Car Alert – AER


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  • Touchscreen easily allows you to enter your car/group number.
  • Instant notification of local, global and individual flags.
  • Connected track control can see where you are if an incident occurs.
  • Portable the Flagger is completely portable and can easily be used on any vehicle.
  • Powerful GPS, Accelerometers, radio transceiver, incident data logging and much more.
  • Battery lasts up to 8hrs on a single charge. Battery extender or vehicle power available.
  • Service Plan low cost service plan ensures you have the latest updates and reliable hardware.

Racing Flags

  • Green/Checkered
  • Caution/Waving Caution
  • Double Yellow
  • Passing
  • Debris
  • White
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Black Flag Warning/Black Flag Pit In
  • Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car
  • Mechanical/Meatball
  • Custom Flags

GPS Zone detection displays only
the flags where you are.


Flagger In-Car Alert

Never miss the green again

Get the

Flagger In-Car Alert

Save the car and yourself.


Flagger In-Car Alert

Drivers can get direct messages
and flags


Flagger In-Car Alert

Flagger In-Car Alert gives you instant notifications of exactly what is happening around the track. It uses GPS to automatically turn on exactly where and when you need it. You’ll get the green as soon as it’s waved and you’ll know when to back off too! Save yourself and your car.

Bright LED’s flash to let you know what flag is being displayed and the easy to read touchscreen gives you all the information you need to proceed with confidence.

Flagger includes a 1 month trial period, after the trial period you will be required to register the device to retain service. The Service Plan will cover the device for 1 year and ensures you have the latest software, tracks, new features and reliable hardware. **If the device fails you will be covered!

The Service Plan will renew every year until you cancel or upgrade your Flagger.

Includes: Mounting Tray with 1/4 20 and 6ft USB C Charging Cable

**Does not cover abuse or normal battery wear.

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 3 in
Mounting Tray

Mounting Tray

USB Cable

USB Cable